- 2012: Part-002 - Seattle, Vancouver Island, UK -

(UPLOADED - October, 2014)


Actually, this is rather a compendium of the travels I did in the balance of 2012, ranging from after my SFO trip in January.  Those pix were shown in the previous page (45).

The sets of pix below deal with a trip to visit GORD at his 'schloss', in February, 2012, then a couple of brief hops over to Vancouver Island in March and April.

After that you'll find pix of my trip to the UK, Germany and Holland, but due to getting rather ill last August, there were no further trips in 2012.

I hope you'll enjoy the images below :-).


- 22-25th February, 2012 - Visit to GORD & Other Friends -

Jeff's gazebo and interior decorations were unique, like the man himself.  The house is filled with many of his creations and even the structure was modified to create some of the most interesting events.

Jeff and another old friend of many years, Jim, out surveying part of the property and then Jeff and I shooting the breeze out on his balcony.  Below, in the studio on the upper floor of his garage.

A couple of meals along the way, one at Jeff's and the other a day later over at DrBlack and Frederica's home.

Just before I dropped Jim off at the ferry terminal to catch his ride home, we drove around the local dockyard, as most maritime folks will do, and saw a set of the massive tugs that CROWLEY TUGS uses.  MOST impressive pieces of machinery.

- Vancouver Island Trips - March & April -

For quite a few years I visited Robert and Melissa at their beautiful home on Vancouver Island, but those days are now done.  Below is a series of pix from my last visit and some of the folks and frolics that occurred.

If you've been around this site for any length of time, you'll recognize that I am a TV and love to wear skirts and partially dress the part.  However, that being said, I don't do make-up, falsetto voice or faggy gestures ... I'm just me with (fake) breasts and ear rings :-)

Two of my favourite kinky ladies on Vancouver Island ... MISTRESS MARLENE and EMERALD_ANGEL on the left and Angel in the middle and right pix.


On the left, my very good friend Henry ... a craftsman and artisan of the highest order.

ABOVE: ANother of my favourite kinky ladies MSPENTYOUTH doing some experimentation with Robert's straight jacket and more of Henry's great toys.

Henry's gear got quite a workout that day and soon Angel was on display.  I was tempted to try out the stand as well, but the ladies look SO much better on it than a kinky old bastard like me :-).

More costume changes came along and I'm sure that by now it's pretty obvious that I like long skirts of any kind, for there IS a certain amount of (every day,socially acceptable) 'bondage' involved in wearing them.  With the skirt off, you can see the other bondage that it hid quite nicely :-).

ABOVE: More frolics on the toys by MSPENTYOUTH ... a wonderfully adventurous kinky lady.


- PART ONE of the UK, Germany & Holland Portion -

This part will show my travels in the UK and I hope you'll find the pix of interest despite being mostly vanilla in nature; showing my abiding interests in aircraft and steam locomotives.

PARTS TWO & THREE of the Uk and European  trip will be uploaded in PAGES-047 & 048, to come.

- Scotland -

LEFT: Heathrow Airport, T5 ... the only really nice terminal of the bunch.  RIGHT: On approach to the Firth of Forth automobile bridge.

ABOVE: My friend Keith arranged a visit to RAF Leuchers and we got a tour around the hangars to look at the fighters in for maintenance.  It's the kind of "fix" that and aircraft nutter needs on occasion.

LEFT: Driving west on the south side of the Tay, towards Dundee.  RIGHT: Looking to the south west towards Tayport, from the central hill in Dundee.

A view of the city looking towards the north west.

LEFT: A Gorse bush of which there's a LOT.  CENTRE, RIGHT & BELOW: RSS Discovery in it's museum dry dock in Dundee.  I just cannot imagine going to the Antarctic in this ship.

BELOW:  Museum in Dundee showing a model of one of the early attempts to increase speed and range.

BELOW: St. Andrew's by the sea ... the home of golf (and bloody windy!).

BELOW: Some of the small fishing village harbours along the north side of the Tay.  Very pretty country and quaint places.

BELOW:  Looking across the Firth of Forth towards the south shore, about 15 miles east of Edinburgh.

BELOW: Heading towards Edinburgh for a quick spin around the town.

BELOW: The RY Britannia is now a museum piece, moored in Edinburgh and of course I wanted to do the tour, and after, felt that it was well worth it.

BELOW: The wheelhouse of the Britannia and folks doing the self guided tour.

BELOW LEFT & CENTRE: Prince Phillips racing sail boat, Bloodhound, now moored alongside Britannia.  RIGHT BELOW: The Queen's private bedroom.

ABOVE: Of course, being the techno-kink that I am, I had to get down to the engine spaces while on the ship and too, look at the various specifications of the vessel.

ABOVE: Having 'tea' aboard the ship, given the opportunity was a 'must do' and we enjoyed the food and the service.

ABOVE: the once-over-lightly tour of downtown Edinburgh.  I'd not been to the city itself since the late 1970's and it hadn't changed much.  A beautiful place with a lot of history

ABOVE: The Firth of Forth railway bridge ... one of the engineering marvels and located about 10 miles to the west of the city.  A massive structure.

If there are operational steam locomotives around, then that's where I want to be and so we ended up at the BO'NESS & KINNEIL railway museum and I had a wonderful time there.

The locomotives all still burn anthracite coal and I can tell you from personal experience that there is no other combination of smells in the world like that of coal, steam and hot steel.

The museum part of the grounds had a large display of all types of rail equipment and models, all well preserved and looked after by a host of volunteers.

After a brief run up the available track, the engine and cars returned to the station and I took these pix from the passenger gantry over the tracks.

BELOW: it was off towards the central part of the low lands to see Stirling Castle and the museum there.

The displays were fascinating and the silverware that was on display was impressive.

The roof truss work of the great hall that consumed multitudes of trees.  In the centre pic, I wanted to be the one sitting down in the gown, but figured it would freak out the other visitors.  On the right, one of the volunteers dressed in period costume.


ABOVE: In Glasgow we went to the Kelvin Grove museum and enjoyed the displays .  A beautiful old building.

And then, we visited an even more fun place ...  GRIMLY'S upstairs playroom.  He's done an incredible job of it and the centre piece is his marvelous bondage chair.  It's a completely unique device and one that he is very justifiably proud of.

After a day or so, we packed up the car, literally filling nit to the gunwales, and prepared to head south to see GeeTwo and Maxi down in Pembroke Dock, Wales.  It's a full day's drive.

At one of the rest, meal and petrol stops along the motorway, we spotted a beautiful old Bentley of the kind that John Steed drove, in the long ago British TV series, The Avengers.  To see more of this type of vehicle go to Jay Leno's Garage, on You Tube and type in 27 litre Bentley.