- 2006: Part 2 -


- San Francisco to Phoenix and Back -

21st - 26st MARCH: SFO - Janus then off to Phoenix and my APEX Presentation

It was the last weekend event in San Francisco, the 'Show and Tell' at Janus. Steffy The Rubber Doll, me, Gord, and Martin got our act together and off we went with another truck load of gear to be shown off. Although the audience was a small one, we all had a good time, and Gord presented yet another incredible woman-tamer machine, this occupied by his ever-willing lady victim, Fem-Car.

Steffy The Rubber Doll was first out of the gate and explained the masking and shape-shifting aspect that she presents so expertly, then it was my turn. I appeared in my favourite costume, showing off my Axsmar restraint jewellery, then briefly explained a little about the chastity aspects of the scene that still fascinate me. The culmination of my brief talk was to show the latest device I'd obtained from Steelwerks. Then, it was the turn of the beautiful Pupett.

Pupett knows the topic of chastity belts and other chastity gear quite intimately ... how could she not :-)! She appeared in her full chastity harness complete with some remotely-controlled, locked-on stimulation devices that Matthias kept in hand. In the above three pictures, you can see the effect of his twiddling of the dials and it was fun to watch and laugh with her.

From there, Martin demonstrated his fiddles and talked briefly about them, then demonstrated how the double fiddle worked with Pupett and Charmaine as his willing victims. Mark introduced the major attraction at this point, Gord with his ever-willing assistant, Fem-Car. The first appearance of this dynamic duo was the Blow Job Bar Stool arrangement, and it was something to see.

Sticking with the blow job theme, Gord next revealed his totally mechanized, air-actuated, television watching arrangement. As can be seen, a sliding chair positions the recipient of the services to be provided, then air power positions the blow job provider. Once set, the provider can then be raised and lowered at whatever speed and cadence is required. Damn, but that man is bent!!!

Ah! You say ... seen this stuff done before ... but what you don't know is that the blow job provider is being quite intimately encouraged to perform her labours by the most intimate and insidious means. An Erostek ET-312 provided a quite intense set of pulsating electro-shocks to a deeply embedded dildo, to say nothing of the Nipple Nibblers that gave our lusty heroine some pretty strong zaps also ... all in time with her being raised and lowered for the blow job.

And so most of the silliness in San Francisco came to an end and the next day, the 21st march, Pupett, Matthias and I loaded the van and headed off to Phoenix, AZ - about an 800 mile drive that took us nearly 14 hours.

- 21st March - San Francisco to Phoenix, AZ -

What's to write about a trip down an Interstate highway ... not a hell of a lot. We drove down the I-5 to the Bakersfield cut-off, then suffered the rush hour traffic through town, heading for Tehachipi Pass. At this point, Matthias did most of the driving, for my cold was indeed knocking the crap outta me.

There were a few interesting things along the way ... some of the old oil fields still pumping, and of course, the vast wind farms with thousands and thousands of windmills of all sizes.

- 22nd March - Phoenix, AZ -

Pupett and Matthias had never seen a Sonoran desert up close and personal before, and just loved the heat and clear skies of Phoenix after the grey weather and continual snow that they'd experienced for the last four months in Germany. With the guidance of my long-time friend, we set off on a small exploration and although the two pictures below might seem to have been taken out in the middle of nowhere, they were, in fact, taken in a Phoenix park, about 5 miles north of the centre of the city.

- 23rd March - Phoenix, AZ -

In the pictures below, we had a little relaxation at one of the more elegant hotels and the next day drove up to Flagstaff, AZ (at 6,500 ft. above sea level). From there, we came back down the old canyon road and stopped at a few lookouts along the way to enjoy the scenery and to pick up some souvenirs.

Pupett had bought a hat the previous day and damn but she looked good wearing it! Some lucky people can wear anything and look terrific, and Pupett is definitely one of them. We discovered a snowman/lady and her family in a shaded area (after all, it was still pretty cool at 6,000 feet ASL) and of course a picture was an absolute necessity.

Pupett and Matthias met their first, real North American native (a stunningly beautiful lady) and bought some interesting souvenirs, then we continued the drive down to the Red Rock Country around Sedona and stopped at a quiet little area, just to listen to the water cascading over the rocks. An hour or so later, we stopped again for a sunset picnic, then it was back to town for an early night.

- 24th March - Phoenix Meanderings -

The next day was spent just sight seeing around the city and having lunch with the folks who'd done all the organizing and co-ordination for my presentation at APEX; Matthew and Hilz. Matthias needed to get on the Internet and so we stopped at a downtown Starbucks and he plugged in while Pupett, my friend and I watched the passing scene.

- 25th March - APEX Presentation -

The presentations I do always take a fair amount of preparation, especially if I have gear to display, and of course, I'd brought along a large selection. Matthew and Hilz had arranged a private dressing room for us and it was a delight to have the space and the time to get things properly organized. My sincerest thanks to them both.

With the invaluable assistance of my friend, Pupett and I were soon dressed in our costumes, then it was time to get the show on the road.

The pictures below of the presentation were taken for me by Matthias and I take this opportunity to thank him most sincerely for his hard work. If you wish to see more of his excellent work and the adventures of Pupett, I cannot recommend her web site most highly. You'll definitely get value for money with thousands of totally original pictures (not the stolen and reissued ones seen on so may pay sites) and a wonderful library of substantial video clips

My presentations are normally in two parts: the first being a once-over-lightly of who I am and my 'credentials', together with a history of how the harness came to be and delving into the Human Equine aspect of the scene. In addition, the harness components are pointed out and their evil applications and capabilities made known, then there's a small demonstration of how effective it is as a means of command and control of even the most recalcitrant Horse Women.

I require safety in all aspects of my play and presentations. Since the floor at the APEX facility is highly polished and therefore quite slippery, I used the springs to act as safety supports for Pupett. A fall, when imprisoned in the TC harness, is not fun.

When the Horse Woman section is done, the audience gets a 40 minute break from my blathering while my victim and I go back to the dressing area and change her costume into The Creature version, for the Second Part.. We came back to the audience with Pupett partially-fitted in the gear, then to the audience's delight, proceeded to hook her up to the various devices needed to make TC as effective as it is.

No doubt you'll note that my footwear was changed to something more comfortable and stable, and folks, if your feet are comfortable, for the most part, the rest of you is.

Pupett was soon entombed in the helmetted gas mask and waiting for things to happen, while I explained some of the more interesting things she wore, and what they were capable of doing. She'd experienced TC once before and so what soon came to pass was not a total surprise.

I know from personal experience of playing in TC, just how oppressive it can be after even just a short time, and so constantly check on the welfare of who ever is in it, even for such short durations as are needed for a presentation. Pupett was OK, and so I continued, occasionally turning up the power of the e-stim to keep both her and the audience interested.

I eventually ran out of things to babble about and we did a small demonstration of the effects of TC's controls being tweaked; this eliciting some interesting noises from my beautiful little victim and some substantial jumping around, much to the audience's delight and approval. It's amazing how quickly the three hours passed and everyone, including Pupett and I was satisfied.

We stayed for the after-presentation party and got to meet many of the friendly people who comprise APEX's membership, then it was off to the motel to pack for the return trip to San Francisco.

- 26th - 27th March - Return to San Francisco -

It was another day of solid driving and there's no point in describing it further. The InterState highway network is a wonderfully efficient road network and something the USA can be justifiably proud of. We arrived in SFO at 21:00 and gradually unkinked ourselves (difficult, given who we are and what we do :-)), and got settled in at Mark's place once again.

Pupett and Matthias spent much of the 27th packing their bags for their return trip to Germany, and being the happily adventurous person she is, Pupett soon wore a pair of cute mittens.

That evening, Mark couldn't resist showing off some of the other gear from his incredible collection. One of his newest acquisitions was a ten foot length of very heavy chain, and Pupett was given the opportunity to see just how massive it was and demonstrated her skills even while wearing these limiting devices.

Mark is a man of many aspects and amongst them is his skill and love of Tango dancing, which he soon demonstrated to Pupett, much to her, Matthias' and my delight.

Various forms of fun happen at his amazing residence, and soon Matthias and Pupett were experimenting with some newly-purchased equipment: arm corsets and another pair of bondage mittens.

Mark brought out some of his beloved straight light jackets and soon Pupett was fully enveloped. Needless to say, we all really liked how she looked, once fully secured in the thick rubber one.

And so, that was the last bash we took at playing before they went to the airport and got on the big silver bird for the 12 hour flight to Munich, followed immediately by an additional 2 hour drive to their home. A lllllooooonnnnggg flight and day.

My own stay in San Francisco lasted until the 31st of March. I wanted to do at least one photo-shoot before heading back and that adventure took place on the evening of the 30th. This adventure can be seen in its entirety in the JG-L Articles Section, Page 23.

Other than the rotten cold I caught on the trip, it was a resounding success and a wonderful time to reconnect with all of my friends and make new ones.